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How is the Global Diagnostics measurement carried out?

The measurement process, which is perceived as pleasant, is carried out lying down by connecting the body on the feet to the device via two electrodes. In less than ten minutes, the Global Diagnostics device carries out a precise measurement and evaluation of over 550 different measurement objects of the body, which are displayed on the computer screen. These measurement results are then explained in the conversation. Based on objective physical measurements, Global Diagnostics makes statements about the current energetic state of the organs and body systems with the representation of e.g.

► Energy blockages

► Deficiencies

► weak points in the body

► allergies

► intolerances

Every body reacts to external stimuli according to a certain pattern. The individual reaction pattern allows conclusions to be drawn about the current energetic state and the functionality of the examined organs or systems. Global Diagnostics records this and evaluates it. It shows the energetic state of all systems, for example the lymph, digestive, locomotor or urogenital systems and individual organs such as kidneys, lungs or heart. After the measurement, a subsequent vital field therapy based on the measured vibration pattern is recommended. As with an orchestra playing disharmoniously, the individual musicians (organs, organ systems) are brought back to harmonious cooperation. The self-healing powers of the organism are activated.

How is the subsequent vital field therapy carried out?

The therapy takes place lying down or sitting. It is very pleasant and even suitable for particularly sensitive people and children. The body is supplied with weak electromagnetic signals via special therapy tapes, so-called biotrodes. The body is also supported with helpful frequencies via the foot measuring points. The natural energy impulses are precisely tailored to the needs of the patient and support the body's self-healing process. The extremely wide range of therapies even enables the treatment of rare or "hidden" diseases.

The vital field therapy results in:

Acceleration of (self) healing processes

Improve the immune system

Improve metabolism

Support of the detoxification function

Improve vitality

Improvement of regeneration

Main areas of application for vital field therapy

Burn-out, fatigue syndrome Stress, exhaustion and fatigue depression sleep disorders Painful conditions (acute and chronic) psychosomatic, functional disorders and diseases of organs and organ systems Migraines, headaches Inflammation (acute and chronic) Skin diseases (e.g. allergies, neurodermatitis) Susceptibility to infection Intolerance (e.g. food intolerance, allergies)

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